marketing for independent hotel

Occupancy-driving marketing tips for independent hotels

Independent hotel marketing strategies are now more sophisticated than ever, but they’re still not too time-consuming or complicated for busy hoteliers to execute.  In many cases, creativity and consistency are the two main ingredients needed to execute successful, occupancy-driving marketing campaigns.  Here are a few marketing ideas you can use to increase occupancy and capture valuable incremental revenue for your independent hotel:

Haven’t seen you in a while…

Email marketing is one of the best tools for staying engaged with your past guests.  You’ve already completed the initial hard work by getting them to stay with you, so now you should focus on keeping in touch and encouraging them to return for another visit.  Check out the links below for tips on crafting effective email marketing campaigns:


Let’s work together!

“Experience” is the hottest buzz word in the travel business.  Independent hotels are no longer just a place to sleep, they’re key parts of their guests’ travel experience.  This shift in travelers’ mindset has created great opportunities for savvy hoteliers to expand their product offerings.  By developing local partnerships and marketing unique travel experiences, independent hotels can differentiate themselves in the market while creating new revenue streams.  Here are some cool ideas to help you build creative partnerships:


The world at your fingertips.

You’ve heard this before, but we’ll say it again… social media is your connection to curious travelers from around the world!  Independent hotels are attracting new guests, driving occupancy and boosting revenue by leveraging the influence of social media – are you apart of this group?  If you haven’t taken the social media plunge, now is the time to get your feet wet.  Learn how independent hotels use social media in these helpful blog posts: