Eliminate the digital divide with innRoad

There are lots of characteristics that differentiate independent hotels from their branded, chain competitors.  Unique personalities, hands-on guest services and extensive local knowledge are a few areas where independents are known to excel.  On the branded side, technology has provided chains with numerous advantages, but the digital divide that once separated independents and chains is quickly closing.

Just because chains typically have more available cash, that doesn’t mean they also have access to better technology.  innRoad cloud-based hotel management software provides independents with tools that rival big brands while meeting the specific needs of smaller properties.  Here’s how innRoad is helping independents eliminate the digital divide:

Multi-channel online booking

The online booking path to purchase differs for every traveler, so independents must utilize dynamic digital booking strategies to capture their share of valuable, revenue-driving reservations.  innRoad’s booking engine funnels commission-free reservations through hotel websites and global distribution exposes travelers to independent hotels through the world’s most popular online travel agencies, like Expedia and Hotels.com.  More than half of bookings are completed online, so to compete with chains and meet the growing needs of travelers, independents must invest in multi-channel online booking technology.


Doing more with less is a common theme within many independent hotels.  But while squeezing as much as possible into the day creates a sense of pride, inefficiencies cause hoteliers to spend more time and energy working than their competitors.  innRoad’s property manager allows independents to work faster and smarter by streamlining check-in/out, automating inventory management, providing quick-click reporting and much more.  And as a cloud-based hotel management system, hoteliers can access innRoad from almost any mobile device to work on-the-go and maximize every opportunity to drive their business forward.

Data Security

Keeping sensitive data safe is an increasingly important and costly responsibility for independent hotel operators.  Data security mistakes can prove disastrous, so innRoad allows hoteliers to work easier by taking this responsibility off their hands.  innRoad data security is designed to protect independent hotel information is various ways, such as providing individual user logins with customizable access levels, encrypting data during transfer and cloud storage, utilizing a dual data center offsite storage system and relying on PCI compliant credit card processing.  And all data security features come with an innRoad subscription – no special fees or add-ons required.