social media benefits for independent hotels

Hey independent hoteliers, let’s get social!

There are many reasons independent hoteliers avoid using using social media for their hotels. Whether you think you’re too busy, don’t need to use social media, or that social media is just too complicated, being on social channels might provide you with an opportunity to reach new prospective guests, and serve as a platform on which you can communicate with previous guests. We all know that new guests means an increase in occupancy and revenue, so maybe it is time to reconsider!

While using social media as a business tool can be intimidating and time consuming in the early stages, the long-term value generated from building digital relationships with travelers is priceless.  We think the opportunities created by social media far outweigh the initial challenges, so to help you get comfortable, we invite you to download and listen to our pre-recorded, 30-minute webinar titled, “Social Media 101 for Independent Hoteliers.

In our easy-to-follow webinar, we discuss some of the nuts and bolts behind how social media works for independent hotels:

  • How guests use social media to book travel
  • How ramping up your social media presence can lead to more bookings and revenue
  • Social media best practices: Putting your limited resources to work to see the best results

Getting your independent hotel established on social media can provide the perfect complement to your direct and 3rd party online booking channels, while enhancing your digital marketing strategy.  Click here to download and listen to “Social Media 101 for Independent Hoteliers” today and start reaping the benefits that so many other independent hotels are already enjoying.