How independent hoteliers can avoid buyer’s remorse

In preparation for the holidays and new calendar year, many independent hoteliers are now assessing their operations and planning for upgrades and renewals.  Determining the useful value of FF&E, computer equipment, service contracts and other items is the “easy” part of the process.  The main challenge is deciding whether or not these new items are the right fit for your hotel because after swiping your credit card and signing a contract, the last thing you want to experience is the regretful feeling of buyer’s remorse.

Luckily, independent hoteliers can avoid major purchasing mistakes by making decisions similar to how travelers shop for hotel rooms and plan their trips.  Here’s how:

Set your destination

What goals do I want to accomplish with this new purchase?  How will this purchase affect my overall hotel operations?  These are the type of questions hoteliers should ask themselves at the beginning of the decision making process, similar to how travelers decide where they want to visit.  Establishing a goal or “destination,” like upgrading guestroom toiletries, as opposed to figuring it out along the way, gives you something to work towards and enhances the odds of making a decision you won’t regret.

Read the reviews

Before making a major purchase or signing a long-term contract, it’s important to learn how other independent hotel operators use and like the product or service you’re evaluating.  So just like your guests rely on TripAdvisor and OTAs for hotel reviews, you should search for online product reviews as well.  If you can’t find reviews for certain items or services, ask the vendor to refer you to some of their independent hotel clients who can provide useful insights.

Take a sneak peak

Before travelers hit the roads and friendly skies, they scroll through blogs and social media for photos and videos to learn more about their destination, hotel, attractions and more.  So before making a final decision, ask your vendor for a product demonstration or free trial so that you can experience its capabilities and be confident knowing that it will help your hotel reach its final “destination.”

If you’re curious about improving your independent hotel’s operations, contact us today to learn about innRoad.  You can register for a personalized demonstration or a 14-day free trial to learn why our cloud-based hotel management software is trusted by hundreds of independent hotels across North America.