Innovative Marketing ideas for Independent Hotel in 2017

Every independent hotel relies on marketing to attract guests, separate themselves from competitors and drive revenue to support daily operations.  Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and digital advertising are some of the most common hotel marketing tools and tactics, but there are lots of available options when it comes to promoting your business.  If you’re looking to step outside the box in 2017, check out these innovative hotel marketing concepts:

Drone photography

Easy and affordable access to digital tools has simplified marketing for hoteliers, but in the same stroke, operators must now utilize more creativity when developing content to make travelers say “WOW.”  Here’s where drone photography can make an impact on an independent hotel’s marketing strategy.  Professionally-captured drone imagery and video content showcases independent properties and their surroundings from unique, attention-grabbing vantage points that can entice viewers to explore hotel websites and social media channels during travel planning.  Content shot by drones isn’t cheap, but when well-executed, it can significantly upgrade an independent hotel’s visual identity.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are individuals or groups who partner with companies to help spread awareness about their products and services in an effort to attract new, loyal customers.  Influencers can range from “in-the-know” locals to social media stars with large followings.  Influencers differ from traditional spokespeople mainly due to the relationships they have with the brands they represent.  Instead of an one-time online ad appearance, influencers work with brands across various marketing initiatives, often leveraging their personal communications channels, over a sustained period of time.  Influencer marketing has its pros and cons, but partnering with the right influencers can drive awareness (and sales) to new levels.

Video marketing

Video is quickly rising as one of the most important travel marketing tools.  Video brings marketing content to life and helps travelers “see and feel” hotels and destinations in ways that can’t be replicated by traditional text and photos.  Independent hotels have lots of flexibility with how they can use video content.  Hoteliers can invest in high-quality, commercial-like content to showcase on their website or shoot high-quality, vlog-style videos that are great for social media.  Video is multi-purposed and carries great value, a perfect combination for independent hotels looking to drive innovation with their marketing content.