Why is shopping for hotel software so confusing?

We hear from independent hoteliers that shopping for new hotel software is too confusing.  We understand the nervousness that comes with making such an important decision, but selecting hotel software shouldn’t give you a weeks-long headache.  To help clear up some of the confusion, here are some of the pitfalls to avoid while exploring new hotel software, as well as our solution for making hotel software shopping easier.

Some parts not included

Have you ever purchased an electronic gadget and then realized that the batteries aren’t included?  Unfortunately, some independent hoteliers know this feeling from finding out that key hotel software features and functions are sold as add-ons, rather than being included with the core product.

Independent hoteliers must pay attention when exploring à la carte hotel software packages.  Operators must understand what’s included in the core product, what features are add-ons and, most importantly, what configuration is needed to drive improvement for their property.  Otherwise, hoteliers will unfortunately set themselves up to experience buyer’s remorse.

Roller coaster pricing

Hotel software pricing can make or break independent hoteliers’ purchasing decisions.  Vendors should work hard to find the middle ground where their software’s cost and value align, but hoteliers still walk away from purchases because configuring various functions and features can push its final price up and down like a roller coaster.  The benefits of new hotel software are countless, but the wild ride of roller coaster pricing leaves too many hoteliers wary of the shopping experience.

Our solution

We get it, the pitfalls of hotel software shopping can dampen the experience for even the most tech savvy independent hoteliers.  However, let us show you how innRoad is different.

Hundreds of independent hotels similar to yours rely on our cloud-based hotel software to power their operations.  We understand the challenges and nuances independent hoteliers must navigate daily, so our software is designed to help you manage easier, save time and position your hotel for more bookings and revenue.  Starting with our first interaction, we focus on building your confidence in innRoad and simplifying your hotel software purchasing experience.

Contact us today, click here or call 1-855-INNROAD, to learn more about why our cloud-based hotel software is trusted by hundreds of successful independent hotel operators across North America.