Get your independent hotel off the slow road with innRoad

As an independent hotel operator, you know there are no shortcuts to success.  To get the desired results, you must “do the work.”  But while there are no shortcuts, there are ways to make your workday easier and help you save time, save money, increase occupancy and get closer to achieving your long-term goals.  For hundreds of independent hotels, the solution for increasing efficiency and improving operations is innRoad, our cloud-based hotel property management software.  Here’s how it works:

Save time

Regardless if your property has 5 or 50 rooms, time comes at a premium for all independent hoteliers.  innRoad allows you to save time by streamlining essential operational functions into one, fully integrated software solution.  For example, innRoad’s Booking Engine and Global Distribution connectivity allows travelers to book reservations online, rather than calling the front desk – instantly reducing manual input time.  With innRoad, you save time behind the desk, so you can share more moments with your guests.

Save money

The phrase “time is money” may sound cliché, but it’s also deeply rooted in truth.  If you can save time managing your independent hotel, you can also reduce costs and save money.  Labor costs are necessary, but when managed inefficiently, they quickly erase hard-earned profits.  innRoad’s Property Manager automates essential, but time-consuming, operational tasks that stifle productivity and payroll budgets, such as check-in/out, room assignments, special requests and billing.  Enhanced efficiency allows you to put more profits in the bank and better position your hotel to achieve its long-term goals.

Increase occupancy

Independents rely on various strategies to capture bookings and increase occupancy, but the key is to simply position your hotel in the places where travelers are looking.  Today, travelers are looking online, so innRoad provides you with the digital tools to effortlessly capture and manage their reservations.  As noted, our Booking Engine enhances hotel websites to take commission-free bookings and our Global Distribution connectivity ensures placement on the world’s most popular online travel agencies, like Expedia and  After reservations are captured, room availability is automatically updated across all booking channels with our Property Manager – eliminating manual, multi-channel inventory management.