How to get travelers to do less online looking, and more online booking!

The path to purchase for travelers searching online for independent hotel rooms is often a winding journey.  Travelers consider dozens of factors when narrowing their choices, some common, such as location and amenities, and others unconventional, like allowing exotic animals, so they rely on hotel websites to provide information and answer questions.  But unfortunately, for many independent hotels, this is where travelers’ path to purchase abruptly ends and valuable, revenue-driving reservations seemingly disappear.  So, what happened to those travelers and their valuable bookings?

Well, that depends on the capabilities of your hotel website.  If you presented them with an opportunity to book online, chances are they found another hotel that better fit their needs or their travel plans changed – it’s unfortunate, but it happens.

However, if your hotel website asked travelers to call or email the front desk for bookings, odds are that’s why they suddenly disappeared.  Travelers are used to seamless online booking and receiving instant confirmation, so asking them contact you and then wait to find out if they can be accommodated or not runs counter to the online experience delivered by many hotels, so they likely found another hotel that can meet their online bookings needs.

If your hotel is coming up short in terms of providing easy online bookings, click here to download and listen to our pre-recorded, 30-minute webinar titled, “Turn your online lookers into online bookers.”  In our webinar, we discuss:

  • The features that make a good online booking engine
  • What you should expect from your booking engine
  • Questions to ask when selecting a booking engine

Over 60% of hotel reservations are made online, so a hotel website booking engine is more of a requirement than an option for independent hotels with long-term financial and operational goals.  Download and listen to “Turn your online lookers into online bookers” today and position your independent hotel on the path to purchase for today’s modern traveler.


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