Major mistakes independent hoteliers cannot make in 2017

We all make mistakes.  In many cases, their impact is minimal, so we simply learn a few valuable lessons and move forward.  However, there are some errors that aren’t easily overcome – those really big “Oops” moments.  Many independent hotels cannot afford major missteps that have long-lasting effects, but unfortunately, they happen every year.  To help you eliminate the potential for any critical “Oops” moments, here are some major mistakes that independent hoteliers must avoid making in the new year.

Doubt your need for online booking

Most hotel bookings are made online, so utilizing online booking software seems like a smart move for independent hotels, right?  We strongly believe in the power of online booking, but there are many independents who’ve yet to get onboard for various reasons, such as thinking their property is too small, booking technology is too complex or software is too expensive.

Unfortunately, no matter the reason for not utilizing online booking software, we think it’s a big mistake for independent hotels.  Competition within the industry is steadily rising as large brands consolidate and smaller hotels specialize, so without online booking tools it’s difficult to see how some independents will capture the reservations needed to support their growth over the short- and long-term.

Ignore the importance of data security

No matter how large or small, data security must be a priority for all independent hotels.  However, some hoteliers believe that they’re too small of a target or aren’t lucrative enough to need robust data security.  And unfortunately, making these assumptions creates the perfect recipe for a harmful data breach.

The motivation behind many digital crimes is ease and opportunity.  It’s like leaving your car door unlocked, if you make it easy to open, someone may actually do it.  Independents have access to sensitive information that can harm their business and their guests, if attained illegally and used maliciously.  For independent hoteliers, data security should be viewed as an essential, not optional, component of their daily operations.

Miss opportunities to improve your hotel operations

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