Move your independent hotel to the head of the class

It’s time for a quick, 2-question pop quiz!  Are you ready?

  1. How’s business going at your independent hotel?
  2. How’s business going at your local competitors’ hotels?

Ok, how did you do?  The first question was easy, right?  No one knows your independent hotel better than you.  Now, how did you answer the second question?  We know this one is more challenging, but we’re curious to learn how much you know about your local competitors.

If the second question of our pop quiz stumped you, don’t worry – you’re not alone.  When you’re laser-focused on running your own independent hotel, it’s tough to keep tabs on what’s happening at the hotels across the street and around the corner.  So, to help close this critical information gap, we’ve launched the innRoad Hotel Grader and we want you to give it a try.

The innRoad Hotel Grader is designed to provide you with important information about some of your closest competitors.  All we need are a few details about your hotel and we’ll provide an analysis that:

  • Compares your Average Daily Rate (ADR) against 3-5 surrounding hotels
  • Identifies popular Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) utilized in your local market
  • Summarizes the online ratings and reviews of competing hotels

The innRoad Hotel Grader provides valuable insights that will help you better understand how competing hotels are attracting guests and valuing their rooms and services and, most importantly, how travelers rate their experiences at these properties.  Register to try the innRoad Hotel Grader today and give your independent hotel the competitive advantage needed to achieve success over the long-term.


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