New Year Networking 101 for Independent Hotels

The thought of networking and meeting new people is nerve-wracking for many.  We get it, it’s much easier to live, work and interact with those that you already know.  However, for independent hoteliers who want to grow their business, staying behind the front desk is not a long-term solution for building your brand.

Unlike large chain hotels, many independent hotels don’t have the resources to rely solely on digital marketing and booking strategies to attract guests.  For many independent operators, building strong relationships with members of their local community has created a reliable network that provides valuable referrals and incremental income.  What’s great about community relationship building is that any independent hotelier can participate – it just takes an investment of time, energy and creativity.

To help jumpstart your networking efforts in the new year, download our latest toolkit, “Relationship-building strategies for Independent Hotels.”  Within you’ll find great tips for targeting the right people to help you drive your independent hotel business forward in 2017.  Click here to download your copy today.