3 must-have tech tools for independent hotels

While everyone might be talking about how important it is for your independent hotel to have the right technology, it can be hard to know why each is important. Here at innRoad, we offer a Property Management Software that helps independent hoteliers get the most out of their property. How? Check out why each tool we offer is essential for you in 2017!

Booking Engine

An independent hotel’s website is arguably its most important tech tool.  Travelers visit hotel websites to learn about rooms, rates and other details that factor into their booking decisions.  Well-designed hotel websites provide eye-catching photos, descriptive content and, most importantly, a fast and easy way to reserve rooms through a hotel booking engine.

Without a hotel booking engine, the value of an independent hotel’s website can quickly drop in the eyes of travelers.  Rather than call or email to inquire about availability, travelers will likely just find another hotel that offers a seamless online booking experience.  For today’s tech savvy travelers, direct online booking isn’t a luxury, it’s a requirement for their dollars and loyalty.

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Global Distribution

Elevating brand awareness is challenging for independent hotels.  As smaller, standalone properties, garnering interest from travelers is difficult, but not impossible.  For many hotels, the solution for reaching more travelers is connecting to leading online travel agencies (OTAs), such as Expedia, Hotels.com and Orbitz, via global distribution connections.

While some travelers prefer to book directly, many others rely on OTAs to supply a selection of hotels to choose from during the travel planning process.  Global distribution delivers booking and revenue opportunities that are normally challenging for independent hotels to achieve on their own.  So, rather than worry about the OTA commissions being paid out, independents utilizing global distribution focus on the new, valuable revenue streams that are coming in.

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Hotel Property Management Software

Independent hotel management is truly a 24/7/365 responsibility.  Daily, hoteliers must manage a never-ending list of tasks, including inventory, check-in/check-out processes, team member duties, vendor relationships, performance metrics and various other items to ensure their property runs smoothly.

Some hoteliers rely on hotel property management software to streamline and automate their necessary, yet time consuming tasks, but others are still laboring away using manual hotel management tools and tactics.  Independent hotels that want to remain competitive must focus more on the needs of their guests rather than logging countless hours behind a desk.  For many successful independent hoteliers, hotel property management software is the ultimate solution for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of daily operations, as well as the driver powering their journey toward achieving long-term success.

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