Digital Marketing Essentials for Independent Hotels

Digital marketing tools, such as online travel agencies (OTAs), social media and email, allow independent hotels to promote themselves to new, potential guests and reconnect with travelers who’ve already spent quality time on-property.  Although picking up the basics of digital marketing is easy, there’s a lot that goes into creating effective marketing campaigns.  To ensure your digital marketing efforts are efficient and successful, here are a few essentials that every independent hotel should have:

Brand logo

This may sound simple, but some hoteliers only have their brand logo in one format, usually .JPEG, so they’re limited in how that can use it creatively.  We recommend keeping your brand logo on-file in various formats, such as .TIFF, .PNG and .PSD, as well as in color and black and white.  If you’re unsure of the type of files you have for your brand logo, a freelance creative designer will be able to help you figure out what items you have and provide what you’re missing.  Your hotel’s logo is essential to its brand identity and should be used regularly, so make sure you have all the assets needed to maximize its use.

Brand facts and FAQ

When did your hotel open?  What room types are available for bookings?  What amenities do you provide?

The answers to questions like these are what independents should use to create a brand facts and frequently asked questions (FAQ) sheet.  This document is great for marketing purposes, like completing OTA profiles and creating social media content, but also has other uses, such as a new team member training tool and property information sheet for potential guests.  Gathering facts and writing descriptions will likely take some effort, but your facts and FAQ sheet will keep its value for a very long time.

Professional photography

If you’ve been putting off updating your hotel’s interior and exterior photography, now is the time to invest in your photo library.  Good photography can be difference between a creating a clickable email marketing campaign and losing subscribers due to poor quality content.  Or more importantly, sharp photos can entice travelers to click “Book Now” on your hotel website rather than driving them to book with your competitors and put valuable revenue in their pockets.  Great photography is self-explanatory – you know it when you see it.  So, for independent hotel operators who want to maximize their digital marketing efforts, great photography is required, not optional.