innRoad is here to help you invest wisely in your independent hotel’s future

We provide our cloud-based hotel property management software (PMS) to hundreds of hard-working independent hoteliers to help them run their properties more efficiently and grasp greater control over their daily operations.  That said, we also know that many other independents want to reduce the stress and minimize the challenges of managing their property but lack a reliable PMS.  In speaking with some of these hotel operators, a reoccurring reason why many do not have a reliable PMS is the fear of purchasing the wrong software and then having to work even harder to overcome this costly mistake.

We get it, analyzing the risk vs. reward of purchasing new hotel property management software isn’t easy, but in today’s quickly-evolving lodging industry, independents must invest in their operations if they want to remain competitive over the long-term.  To help independents make smart decisions when evaluating new hotel software, we’ve developed an easy-to-follow guide titled, 7 Questions to ask your PMS Provider.  Within are seven key questions independent hoteliers should ask PMS providers about their system and services so they can find the right provider and software for their property and avoid making a critical mistake that can damage their hotel’s future.

Click here to download a copy of 7 Questions to ask your PMS Provider today and take the first step towards investing in your independent hotel’s future.