How to outsource your independent hotel’s marketing needs

Marketing is key to an independent hotel’s success.  With the growing importance of direct and 3rd party online booking, social media and other promotional tactics, hoteliers need a strong marketing strategy to ensure reservations and revenue continue rolling in.  While many hoteliers have a vision of how they want to connect with travelers, some fall short because they don’t have enough content to sustain their marketing efforts and lack the skills and time needed to produce content in-house.  Even though this presents a major challenge, there is a way for independent hoteliers to overcome their marketing difficulties.

Outsourcing your independent hotel’s marketing functions is an efficient and financially plausible way to revive and sustain your marketing strategy.  Hiring freelance professionals allows you to build a flexible and affordable marketing team to help you execute the projects and campaigns needed to promote your independent hotel.  Companies across various industries rely on freelancers to produce marketing content, so independent hotels should feel confident knowing this strategy works and is easily adaptable.

Finding the right freelance marketing professionals for your hotel may take some time, but there are lots of talented people in the market.  Websites like Upwork and Guru provide access to a large pool of freelancers from around the world, but the most reliable way to find good freelancers is to get referrals from other businesses with great marketing content.  Even if their freelancers aren’t available, they may be able to refer you to someone else who can meet your marketing needs.

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