Guest Interactions Independent Hotels Must Get Right

Great hospitality is essential to operate a successful independent hotel, so it must be a central component of every guest interaction.  However, while the concept of providing great hospitality is understood, its execution can vary from property to property.  In many cases, it’s the small details that make the difference between a truly memorable experience and an average stay.  So, to help ensure you’re showcasing high-quality hospitality in every possible way, here are a few simple ways to enhance some of your most common guest interactions.

Phone Greetings

A quick “Hello” will normally suffice when answering the phone, but it doesn’t distinguish your independent hotel from any other property.  Every phone call has the potential to be your first interaction with a new long-term guest, so use this opportunity to create a welcoming first impression.  Instead of simply saying “Hello,” enhance the greeting by saying, “Thank you for calling (hotel name).  How may I help you today?” or a different custom greeting.  This small change can help to set an engaging, warm tone for the conversation and let the caller know that you’re truly focused on delivering great hospitality.

In addition to enhancing phone greetings, work to establish a system for tracking inquiries based on the caller, any action that’s required and any necessary follow-up.  Although many travelers communicate digitally, your hotel phone line is still a valuable revenue and customer service channel.

Online Greetings

Email Signature:  Some team members like to “dress up” their email signatures and others don’t sign their emails at all.  In both cases, it sends an off-brand message that can create confusion and make your hotel look unprofessional.  Similar to phone greetings, an email may be a potential guest’s first interaction with your hotel, so it needs to be a good one.  Standardizing email signatures for all team members is an easy way to enhance your brand identity and ensure communication is consistent.

Online Reviews & Social Media: Online interactions tend to be more casual, but it’s still important for independent hotels to maintain a professional tone and style.  We’ve recently discussed the importance of online communications, so in continuing along that topic, when responding to online questions and issues, team members should sign their replies with their name, email address and/or the hotel’s phone number.

What this does is provide travelers with a clear path toward resolving their issues.  They now know with whom they’ve spoken with and how to contact them to continue their conversation, if necessary.  Additionally, it allows you to move the conversation offline and out of the view of others.

Doing all the small things right doesn’t just apply to your guest interactions, it also matters when selecting a vendor to help run your hotel. At innRoad, we pride ourselves on doing all the small things independent hotel operators need to make their workday easier.  Contact one of our Property Advisors today to learn how we can enhance your independent hotel operations.