Here’s how to maximize your Bed and Breakfast’s performance

The journey for many inn keepers, their work begins with a passion for hospitality and an ambition to share it with others.  The process of cultivating and crafting this passion into a smoothly operating lodging business is exciting, but challenges of sustaining a successful bed and breakfast requires innkeepers to continuously explore ways to enhance their efforts and maximize their property’s potential.

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of your journey or your operations are in full swing, here’s a great way to boost the day-to-day performance of your bed and breakfast:

Establish systems and processes

No matter the number of guestrooms offered at your bed and breakfast, establishing systems and processes to support your operations is vital to ensuring that it runs efficiently.  Keeping tabs on every detail, from bookings to housekeeping requests, is essential to providing the personalized, hands-on hospitality that your guests expect, so rather than relying on paper files and manual tactics, consider the benefits of cloud-based property management software like innRoad.

With property management software, you’re able to save time by executing tasks faster and improve the quality of your operations by managing everything in one place, such as:

  • Bookings: Regardless of how they’re received, reservations are processed in real time and managed seamlessly, from confirmation to check-in through departure – eliminating the potential for double-bookings and other issues that may impact the guest experience.


  • Billing: Functions, such as accounts receivables, credit card processing, and others, are easily accessible and automated to provide fast, reliable and accurate accounting.


  • Reporting: Comprehensive, customizable reports, including net sales, account balances and daily flash, deliver data-driven insights that keep innkeepers engaged with how their property is performing.

Leveraging the power of property management software gives innkeepers, like yourself, stronger command of the work streams that are needed to run a successful bed and breakfast.

Now, we understand that implementing new systems and processes at a bed and breakfast can be a large and daunting undertaking, so we’re here to help by serving as a resource for innkeepers who want to boost their property’s performance and position themselves for long-term success.  Our innRoad Property Advisors are knowledgeable of the challenges faced by bed and breakfast properties, so we’re ready to help you learn more about how your business can benefit from property management software.  Call us at 1-855-INNROAD to schedule an appointment today.