Here’s what separates innRoad from the competition

At innRoad, we pride ourselves on providing independent hotels with the industry’s leading cloud-based, fully integrated hotel management software suite.  Our core software solutions are designed to streamline operations and save hoteliers time so they can focus on their most important responsibility – their guests.

Alongside our core solutions, independent hoteliers receive additional operations-enhancing resources when they power their hotel with innRoad.  Here are more of the key features that separate innRoad from the competition and make it the preferred hotel management software of hundreds of independent hotels.

Comprehensive Reporting

“I really love the reporting options. Being able to see the forecast and past day reports has been super helpful for us in looking at and anticipating needs.” – Alec Sherman, Beach House Dewey

Measuring the strengths, weaknesses and overall performance of your hotel is vital to keeping it on course over the long-term.  To provide independents with the data needed to keep their operations running smoothly, innRoad delivers hundreds of valuable, comprehensive reports.  innRoad’s easy-to-use functions allow operators to quickly produce various customizable reports, such as Net Sales, Housekeeping and Daily Flash, with a few simple clicks so they can gain the insights necessary to make important business decisions.

First-Class Data Security

The importance of data security rivals any other independent hotel operational function.  Travelers provide hotels with their personal information believing its safe and secure, so hotel operators cannot take this responsibility lightly.  innRoad provides independent hotels with the layers of data security needed to instill trust in operators who, in turn, must leverage this trust into relationships with their guests.

Behind the scenes, all hotel data is encrypted while stored in the cloud and then backed up in two offsite locations to ensure its security.  On-property, hoteliers can set individual permissions within innRoad that provide varying levels of system access to team members.  innRoad eliminates data security stress, so hoteliers can focus on their guests.

In addition to innRoad’s comprehensive reporting and first-class data security features, our hotel management software allows for multi-location management and access anywhere accessibility and is supported by a strong team who provide 24×7 customer support.  innRoad puts independent hoteliers in total control of their daily operations.  Sign-up today to speak with one of our helpful Property Advisors and receive a demo to showcase how innRoad can drive your hotel toward a more promising future.