Improve the guest experience and enhance customer loyalty with innRoad

Guest loyalty is constantly in demand among independent hoteliers.  To capitalize on its value, operators utilize various tools and tactics, such as loyalty programs, exclusive offers, and specialized services, to develop relationships with travelers.  However, the investment some independent hotels put into programs to acquire and maintain long-term guests can put a strain on resources – stirring the debate around the true value of these retention-driving initiatives.

Rather than putting effort and dollars towards managing guest loyalty programs, some of our customers focus on the consistent delivery of memorable guest experiences and allow their hotel’s reputation to speak for itself.  And to support their hospitality-driven efforts, they rely on innRoad’s cloud-based hotel property management software.  Here’s a glimpse into how that works:

First impressions matter

Relationships between independent hotels and travelers begin long before check-in.  Many travelers are introduced to hotels online, so the quality of their initial digital experience plays a major role in how their relationship with the property will unfold.  innRoad provides independent hoteliers with two tools designed to enhance travelers’ online experience and, most importantly, capture revenue-driving direct and 3rd party bookings.

With our Booking Engine, hotel websites are converted into revenue channels that allow travelers to search available dates and room types in real time, easily book rooms and receive instant confirmations.  Through our Global Distribution connections, travelers can find our independent hotel customers on popular OTAs, such as Expedia, and Orbitz, and confidently reserve rooms on the world’s most trusted booking sites.  Both tools deliver seamless, real-time booking experiences and allow independent hotels to make the high-quality online impressions needed to cultivate long-standing relationships with their guests.

Hands-on property management

innRoad’s Hotel Property Management System serves as the “brains” of our customers’ hotel operations and allows operators to take complete control over every aspect of the guest experience, from check-in through departure.  As a cloud-based, ‘access anywhere’ platform, hoteliers can use their mobile devices to manage the guest experience from wherever the workday takes them.  And with permission-based, multi-user access, every hotel team member is empowered to utilize innRoad to ensure guest needs are met throughout their entire stay.

With innRoad, independent hotels are provided the flexibility and accessibility to deliver exceptional hospitality and allow their hands-on, attentive service be the main reason why guests decide to return again and again.

If you want to take the next step toward enhancing guest loyalty at your independent hotel, click here to contact one of our independent hotel property advisors today.