Do you know what’s being said about your independent hotel?

Have you ever left online feedback for a company after you’ve had a negative or even a positive experience, but then never received a response?  Frustrating, right?  Well, if you’re not actively managing your independent hotel’s online reviews, you’re creating the same type of frustration for your guests.

We understand that, unlike big box and online retailers, your hotel doesn’t have the resources and the manpower to respond to every online comment.  But at the same time, independents cannot afford ignore the well wishes of truly satisfied guests or sidestep the opinions of those offering feedback to help improve your operations.  It’s important for independents to figure out how to effectively and efficiently manage their online reviews, so we’ve provided some insights to help achieve this in our latest guide, “Unlock the value of online reviews for your independent hotel.

Inside you’ll find strategies to help you take control of the online conversations about your hotel that are occurring without your participation.  With 80% of travelers reading at least 6 – 12 reviews prior to booking, online reviews play an enormous role in how hoteliers capture reservations and collect revenue, so their value cannot be understated or passively ignored.

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