Here’s how innRoad can help you efficiently run your hotel’s operations

The phrase, “Timing is everything,” is often used in referring to routine daily events, such as leaving for work before morning traffic jams or being seated for dinner ahead of the evening rush.  However, for independent hoteliers, this phrase carries a more important, stronger meaning – it perfectly underscores the urgency with which hoteliers must work to successfully run their business.  Operating on a true 24-hour business cycle where revenue, inventory, rates and occupancy constantly evolve, timing can essentially make or break an independent hotel.

Understanding the importance of timing, independents must decide how they want to run their hotel.  Some hoteliers rely on manual tools and tactics, including tape charts, paper registration cards, and email booking inquiries, but these time-consuming methods require them to spend more time behind the desk than in front of their guests.  However, other independent hoteliers place a premium on reducing time spent in the office so they can create more opportunities to be with their guests.  To achieve this, these operators utilize innRoad’s fully integrated, cloud-based hotel property management software to efficiently power their operations and expertly manage the timing of their workday.

Preparation for a successful workday starts the day before with a comprehensive night audit, so innRoad’s Property Management System (PMS) acts as the engine that makes this process thorough and efficient for independent hotels:

  • Reservations captured through innRoad’s Booking Engine and Global Distribution Network are centralized and organized for easy review and preparation for pending arrivals and departures.
  • Intuitive functions, including comprehensive reporting features, make application of daily rates and taxes, reconciliation of ledger and account balances and nightly folio preparation fast and easy.
  • Communication between night and day shift team members, as well as across departments, is managed through innRoad to ensure tasks and guest requests are carried out the next work day.

With innRoad, independent hoteliers have the hotel software needed to efficiently prepare nightly to ensure a smooth transition to the day ahead.  With an organized and efficient nightly audit, essential daily tasks, such as new guest arrival, guest departure, answering billing inquiries, turning over guest rooms and even preparing for the unexpected, become easier and more manageable for independent hoteliers.

To learn more about how innRoad positions independent hotels to operate more efficiently, register for a free demo of our hotel management software.  With innRoad timing is truly everything – hoteliers can cut down the time spent managing tasks and increase the time spent building relationships with guests.  Click here to contact us today.