Are you keeping an eye on your competitors?

As an independent hotelier, you know that staying in complete control of your operations is a requirement for success.  However, how often do you look across the street or around the corner to see how your competitors are doing?  Their performance can have a significant impact on your hotel’s performance and profits, so if you’re not paying attention to what they’re up to, now is the time to start!

Evaluating market competitors for independent hotels can be a complex process, but we’ve developed some easy-to-execute strategies to help you better understand your competition.  In our downloadable guide, “What separates your hotel from the competition?,” we discuss creative ways for independent hotel operators to identify and monitor their closest competitors.  With these strategies, hoteliers can establish a competitive set of lodging properties to measure their performance against over the long-term.

Learn how to gather the competitive data your independent hotel needs to stay ahead by downloading your free copy of, “What separates your hotel from the competition?today.