Spring Cleaning: Get your hotel website into shape for the upcoming travel season

It’s time for spring cleaning and innRoad is here to help you get a head start!  Throughout this month, we’ll cover various tips and strategies for “spring cleaning” your independent hotel and preparing for the travel days ahead, so check back regularly for helpful advice.

Some independent hotels are winding down the final weeks of their peak ski and winter activity season, while others are ambitiously awaiting the start of a busy summer.  And wedged in between is a spring shoulder that’s great for driving bookings and revenue – that’s if independents are prepared.  One of the most important tasks independent hoteliers must complete to ensure a successful shoulder season is updating their website.  Here are a few tips for getting your hotel website into top shape and ready for your guests.


When travelers visit independent hotel websites, their attention instantly gravitates toward photos that showcase the property and its surroundings.  The visual cues provided by hotel websites impact traveler booking decisions, so their importance cannot be understated or ignored.  With warmer weather on the way, hoteliers should update their website photos to reflect the new season.  Exterior photos with fresh landscaping and bright sunlight signal a readiness for the spring travel season.  Additionally, well-appointed interior photos help travelers envision themselves on-property.  If new imagery is needed for your independent hotel website, the spring shoulder season is a great time to hire a photographer to capture your property in the perfect light.


As travelers prepare for busy season getaways, independent hotel website activity will rise industry-wide over the coming months.  With competition for bookings and revenue also increasing, independents must utilize their websites to separate themselves from their competitors.  In addition to providing essential property details, hoteliers can use their websites to tell a broader story about the guest experience.  For example, providing information about local area activities, dining and even quirky, off-beat attractions can keep travelers browsing on hotel websites longer – increasing booking potential.  Also, website apps, such as weather outlooks, event calendars, and TripAdvisor ratings can provide helpful information that makes booking decisions easier for travelers who can’t wait for their next vacation.

Direct Booking

The most important feature an independent hotel website can provide travelers is the ability to book rooms directly.  Websites that ask travelers to call or email the front desk for availability run the risk of pushing travelers to compete hotels that provide this online benefit.  We understand that all independent hoteliers aren’t tech savvy, so that’s where we can help.  innRoad offers a Booking Engine that enhances independent hotel websites as part of our cloud-based property management software.  With our Booking Engine, travelers can check availability and rates in real time and receive instant confirmation upon booking.  It’s the perfect addition to transform any independent hotel website into a powerful online revenue stream.

To learn more about leveraging your hotel website to drive bookings and increase revenue, contact one of our Property Advisors by clicking here or calling 1-855-INNROAD today.