Have you been wondering “where does my time go?”

There’s no doubt that running an independent hotel keeps you and your team members busy, but how confident are you that everyone is working efficiently and maximizing productivity?  We know this is a tough question for independent hoteliers to answer.  In many cases, independents rely on small teams of ambitious multitaskers to fill-in whenever and wherever needed to keep operations running smoothly.  However, the downside to multitasking is that inefficiencies naturally find their way into daily workflows, unintentionally reducing productivity and leaving hoteliers wondering, “Where did my time go?”

Inefficiencies not only cost hoteliers time, it costs them money – which is never a good thing!  In our latest piece, innRoad’s quick guide for improving independent hotel efficiency and productivity, we cover a few strategies for improving operational efficiency and productivity among team members.  Spring is here and summer is on the way, so now’s the time to make sure that your independent hotel is prepared to operate at its best when it matters the most.

Download your free copy of innRoad’s quick guide for improving independent hotel efficiency and productivity today.

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