3 Busy Season Goals for Every Independent Hotelier

With every passing week, we get a little closer to the much-anticipated summer travel season.  For travelers, it’s a time to get away and have fun, relax and recharge.  For hoteliers, it’s an opportunity to leverage rising traveler demand to secure stronger bookings, drive top-line revenue and capture increased profits.  However, taking full advantage of the summer busy season cannot be done without establishing goals and plans to achieve them.  As the saying goes, “failing to plan is a plan for failure.”  We want every independent hotel to enjoy a successful summer, so to help with the planning process, here are 3 goals that every independent hotelier should work to achieve this summer:

Enhance your leadership skills

The natural chaos that comes with servicing a hotel full of guests will challenge hotel team members throughout the summer, so the leadership showcased by managers will be critical to their success, as well as the quality of the guest experience.  It’s enviable that mistakes will happen, guests will get upset and team members will get frustrated, but it’s how these situations are handled that will dictate how well the summer unfolds.  Every hotelier, even the most veteran operator, can freshen up on their leadership and management skills, so we’ve created a quick guide to help you stay on-task this busy season.  Download your copy of “Key management tips for successful independent hoteliers” for some effective insights on successfully leading your team and managing your hotel this summer.

Maximize your revenue-generating opportunities

The summer busy season delivers lots of revenue-generation opportunities for hotels, but to ensure a full share of bookings throughout the entire season, hoteliers must actively market themselves to travelers.  With the lodging industry expanding, travelers have lots of options when searching for the best value for their budget and travel needs, so it’s up to hoteliers to sell them on what their property offers and how they can provide the experience they desire.  Read our “innRoad’s guide to crafting a marketing strategy for your busy season” for tips on creating a successful marketing strategy to help you maximize revenue during this busy season.

Get your hotel noticed

With all the hard work that you and your team will put into the summer busy season, make sure your efforts don’t go unnoticed.  Online reviews have become an integral part of travel planning, but many independent hoteliers still don’t have a solid grasp on managing and leveraging their value.  Depending on the quality of feedback left by past guests, online reviews can sometimes tip the scale toward securing bookings or pushing travelers toward another hotel.  Throughout the summer, independent hotels should develop a strategy for improving the management of online reviews, as well as encouraging more guests to share their insights.  For tips on executing an effective online review strategy, download at our guide titled, “Unlock the value of online reviews for your independent hotel.”

Working to achieve these goals will help independent hoteliers get the most out of the upcoming busy season.  If you’re interested in more ways to create value for your independent hotel, innRoad is here to help.  Simply contact one of our Property Advisors by clicking here or calling 1-855-INNROAD to learn how innRoad’s cloud-based hotel management software can help drive great returns for your independent hotel over the long-term.