Here’s how to hire all-stars for your independent hotel

In running an independent hotel, hiring will always be one of the most challenging tasks for a hotelier.  Making good hires is like hitting home runs in baseball – high-performing team members will consistently keep independent hotels in the lead.  However, bad hires can have a lasting, negative impact that puts a drag on operations and requires an additional investment of time and money to fix.  Hiring will never be an exact science, but there are ways hoteliers can improve their odds at finding and nurturing all-star talent.

In our newest guide for independent hotel operators, “innRoad’s guide to hiring all-stars to staff your independent hotel,” we cover how to develop a hiring strategy to find top-tier talent.  With this guide, our goal is to help hoteliers think critically about the roles that need to be filled, how to attract good candidates and how to ensure they succeed once they’ve started their new job.  By improving the hiring process and reducing mistakes, hoteliers can spend more time ensuring their team members are driving the property in the right direction.

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