Here’s what you need to know about your competitors

As an independent hotelier, managing your property is more than a full-time job, so there’s little time to pay attention to what’s happening at competing hotels, right?  While this may be true, it’s unfortunately a recipe for falling behind the competitive curve.  Independents have lots of autonomy and flexibility in how they position themselves and operate, so a few operatorial changes can quickly boost the fortunes for one hotel, while leaving others lagging behind.  Although you may be short on time, it’s still possible to keep a solid read on your competitors.

For tips on where to look and how to analyze the activities of your competitors, download our innRoad Competitor Analysis Guide.  Inside, we look at how to identify key insights about your competitors’ operational strategies.  After analyzing what other hotels are doing (or not doing) to keep a competitive advantage, you’ll have critical the data needed to stay a step ahead in the marketplace.

Download your copy of our innRoad Competitor Analysis Guide today.