Prevent reputation-harming hotel overbookings with innRoad

Right now, overbooking is the hottest topic swirling in and around the travel industry.  The spotlight is primarily on airlines, but hotels also use overbooking to guard against no-shows and cancellations.  However, not all hotel overbookings are the same, particularly for smaller, independent hotels.

Some independents deal with overbookings due to the shortcomings of their reservation and inventory management systems.  Lacking the proper controls and integration, these systems leave open the possibility of multiple travelers booking the same room through different online reservation channels before the room is removed from inventory.  In best case scenarios, overbooked travelers can be “walked” and re-accommodated at the hotel’s expense, but with the all-seeing eyes of social media, these situations must be handled with great care to avoid an embarrassing, reputation-harming incident.  With overbooking now a national talking point, more independents need to bolster their operations and implement long-term solutions so overbooking can be avoided at all costs.

As our independent hotel customers know well, innRoad’s cloud-based, fully integrated hotel management software provides hoteliers with the advanced technology and system controls needed to make overbookings a thing of the past.  Here’s how our hotel management software works:

One, fully integrated hotel property management system

The greatest benefit innRoad provides independent hotels is the ability use one, fully integrated hotel property management system to handle all booking activity, including bookings from 3rd party online travel agencies (OTAs), hotel website, call center and front desk, as well as all other essential hotel operations.  Rather than managing OTAs individually and manually updating inventory, all functions are automated and seamlessly executed through innRoad.  No more logging in and out of multiple systems and creating opportunities for mistakes, with innRoad reservation and inventory management is streamlined and made easy.

Real-time inventory management controls

Without the advantage of using one, fully integrated hotel property management system to manage bookings, independents must work to minimize the time between when reservations are booked and when they can manually update all other booking channels to accurately reflect the change in inventory.  Not only is this time consuming, it’s a recipe for mistakes, especially overbookings, which can quickly evolve into harmful customer service issues.

innRoad eliminates these issues with real-time inventory management controls.  No matter how a room is removed from inventory, via OTAs, direct booking channels, front desk or taken offline for repairs, availability is updated across all channels in real time so it cannot be booked by travelers.  innRoad’s real-time inventory controls save independent hoteliers valuable time (and stress) that can be better spent managing other responsibilities, team building and, more importantly, building relationships with guests.

Eliminating overbookings is just one of the many advantages independent hotels receive with innRoad’s fully integrated, cloud-based hotel management software.  Learn more about how innRoad saves hoteliers time and improves operations by clicking here and scheduling a consultation with an innRoad Property Advisor today.