Get more summer bookings with innRoad

We’re finally here!  With the arrival of the Memorial Day holiday weekend comes the start of the summer travel busy season for independent hotels.  Over the coming months, travelers will crisscross the globe visiting family and friends, experiencing new adventures and enjoying well-deserved rest and relaxation.  In speaking with our independent hotel customers, many are excited to put their preparation into play with the arrival of their summer guests.  For some insight, here’s how many hoteliers are utilizing innRoad’s cloud-based hotel property management software to achieve summer success:

Digital exposure with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Even with all the summer travel benefits, there are still plenty of challenges that independent hotels must navigate, primarily competition from other businesses.  Whether it’s chain hotels, other independents or home sharing services, lots of lodging properties are vying for the same traveler dollars, so hoteliers must be well-positioned to grab their share of revenue.  Here’s where innRoad’s Global Distribution services prove valuable for independent hotels:

  • Placement on leading OTAs: While travelers may not know the name of many independent hotels, they’re very familiar with OTAs, like, Kayak, and Expedia. innRoad allows independent hotels to market themselves to travelers on hundreds of OTAs – increasing opportunities to secure reservations that will power revenue growth throughout the summer.
  • Seamless, real-time management: innRoad also provides independents with seamless, real-time management of rates, inventory, and availability across all connected OTAs. Whether rooms are reserved online or changes are made at the front desk, all OTAs are updated in real-time – eliminating over-bookings and other mistakes that harm operations and the guest experience.

Powerful bookings engine technology

An independent hotel’s website is its most powerful marketing tool.  Unlike OTAs and social media, hoteliers have full control over its layout, features, and functions.  However, all hotel websites aren’t created equal.  To truly maximize their value, hotel websites must be able to capture direct bookings, so this is why innRoad provides independent hoteliers with a powerful Booking Engine.  Here are some of its benefits:

  • Cost savings: With commission-free direct bookings, hoteliers keep more revenue in their pocket. When marketing to travelers online, independents can better manage spending knowing that they’ll incur no additional costs every time travelers click “Book Now.”
  • Enhanced customer service: For hotels, customer service begins online rather than on-property. With innRoad’s easy-to-use booking engine, independents can begin to establish a level of customer service that will help turn first-time customers into long-term guests.

Paired with our Property Management System, innRoad’s Global Distribution services and Booking Engine technology give independent hotels the powerful tools needed to succeed during the busy summer.  If you’d like to learn more about how innRoad can put your hotel on the path to profits, simply contact one of our experts online or call 1-855-INNROAD today.