Here’s how to handle last-minute cancellations

Managing last-minute cancellations is a regular part of hotel operations, but it’s still a major headache that has broad-reaching implications for independent hotels.  At a minimum, cancellations can impact a hotel’s weekly/weekend occupancy, cash flow and staffing needs.  Additionally, depending on when they occur and the number of rooms affected, cancellations can throw profitability projections into a tailspin.  In the independent hotel business, the goal is to always make customers happy, but hoteliers must still have a strategy to protect their financial growth over the long-term.

In our latest downloadable content, “Here’s how to handle last-minute cancellations, we cover key tactics and tips, such as strengthening policies and providing rate incentives, for protecting your independent hotel against damaging last-minute cancellations.  Independent hotels will be hard pressed to totally eliminate last-minute cancellations, but there are ways to deter travelers from canceling or, at least, better managing them when they do occur.

Take control of cancellations by downloading your free copy of “Here’s how to handle last-minute cancellations today and keep your independent hotel on the path to profits all summer.