innRoad Social Media 201 Infographic

With Memorial Day weekend just days away, the start of the summer travel busy season is almost here.  While you’re focusing on the guests who will soon arrive on-property, don’t forget about all the travelers who are searching for the perfect summer destination online.  They might not know much about your independent hotel now, but with a little help from innRoad, you’ll soon be ready to use social media to quickly get them up to speed on everything that your hotel has to offer.

This summer is the perfect time for independent hotels to get online and engage with travelers, so to help any social media newcomers get comfortable, we’ve created an easy-to-follow innRoad Social Media 201 Infographic.  As you’ll see, we’ve provided key insights about the most popular social media channels for independent hotels, including the best content to share, recommended number of posts per week and the value they provide both hoteliers and travelers.

The warm days of summer are made for social media fun, so take the first step toward leveraging its influence to attract new guests, build long-term relationships and grow your independent hotel brand by downloading our innRoad Social Media 201 Infographic today.