How to keep your team focused and working efficiently during the summer

As the weather warms and more travelers fill your rooms, your team members will inevitably feel the push to work faster and harder each day to keep operations running smoothly.  While the collective focus will be on providing great travel experiences for your guests, it’s important to not lose sight of the overall wellness of your team.  As a hotel leader, keeping your team focused and motivated is critical to achieving your busy season goals, so here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your team members this summer.


Communication is always important, but when everyone is moving fast and in multiple directions, it’s easy for messages to get lost in the shuffle.  Throughout this busy season, be sure to emphasize the importance of over-communication through every level and functional area of your hotel.

In addition to regular team meetings, ensure department leaders are regularly providing instruction and gathering feedback, so they’re fully aware of any issues or challenges their teams are facing.  Also, make an effort to check-in with team members one-to-one over the coming weeks.  Managing a hotel full of guests will be stressful for everyone, but having open lines of communication will help keep morale high and ensure that everyone stays motivated throughout the summer.

Re-define responsibilities

Independent hotels are known for running lean and nimble operations, so multi-tasking is essential to everyone’s job.  However, one of the risks of multi-tasking is the blurring of lines that separate individual job responsibilities, especially during busy periods like the summer.  When this occurs, confusion and tension between team members can follow, both of which are terrible for running efficient hotel operations.

While the goal isn’t to stifle the “can do” attitudes and entrepreneurial spirits that power team member success, it may be necessary to re-define team member roles and responsibilities to keep everyone aligned.  Recalibrating roles can help teams better collaborate and avoid over-stepping boundaries, resulting in smoother operations, enhanced guest experiences and more fun for everyone on-property.

Schedule time off

During the summer, it’s not just travelers who need a break from the daily hustle and bustle; hotel team members need time off to refresh and recharge too.  While the summer provides great opportunities to work extra hours, hotel leaders should encourage their teams to schedule time away from the job.

Since scheduling can be challenging, coordinating time off as far in advance as possible will help avoid coverage issues down the line.  The fast pace and stress of the busy season can get the best of anyone, so to avoid a mid-summer meltdown, make sure your team takes the time needed to relax and enjoy some fun in the sun.