Key marketing strategies for retaining your most loyal guests

Marketing your independent hotel to travelers who are unfamiliar with your property can feel like aiming at a moving target. Depending on the traveler, booking decisions can be based on room rates, availability, room types, amenities, location, brand reputation and dozens of other personal preferences. With so many factors in play, crafting an effective marketing strategy to attract new guests is a constant exercise in identifying traveler needs and positioning your hotel to their liking.

However, after successfully capturing bookings and providing travelers with great hospitality experiences, independent hoteliers have access to a “new” group of travelers who require a more specific, yet less challenging, marketing strategy – past guests.

Past guests have familiarity and comfort with your hotel that allows you to invite them for another visit versus convincing them to book their first stay. Although this approach is less challenging, it still requires effort, so we’ve outlined marketing strategies designed to specifically target your past guests in our latest insights guide, “Key marketing strategies for retaining your most loyal guests.”

Inside you’ll find tips for leveraging your innRoad independent hotel property management software to target your past guests and bring them back to your hotel for another memorable stay. Download your free copy of “Key marketing strategies for retaining your most loyal guests” today.