How innRoad can help enhance your guests’ experience

The quality of the guest experience is what separates struggling independent hotels from highly-rated, consistently-recommended properties.  Providing memorable guest experiences allows hotels to capture more bookings, stronger revenue and various other business-building benefits.  Hoteliers consider lots of variables when executing the guest experience, but consistency and understanding guest needs are two of the most important factors.

With innRoad, our cloud-based independent hotel management software, we provide independent hotels the tools to manage every phase of the guest experience, from booking through departure.  Here’s how innRoad can help you enhance the guest experience for your independent hotel:

The guest experience starts online

We’re sure you agree that direct bookings generate great value for independent hotels.  Without OTA commissions, direct bookings allow you to add more cash to your balance sheet.  innRoad expands your ability to capture direct bookings with our Mobile Booking Engine.

Busy travelers no longer have hours to plan trips, so they turn to their phones and tablets to search and book travel in short time bursts that Google calls, “micro-moments.”  To leverage these micro-moments and attract interest from mobile-savvy travelers, independent hotel websites must be optimized for mobile devices and feature a Mobile Booking Engine for fast, seamless reservations.

With innRoad’s Mobile Booking Engine, you can offer add-ons and special packages that enhance traveler stays.  By allowing travelers to customize their trip, you can increase your opportunities to capture their business and maximize valuable direct booking opportunities.  For today’s modern travelers, the guest experience begins online, so independents must be ready to meet their needs.

Set the bar higher on-property

After providing a high-quality online experience, independent hoteliers must be prepared to set the bar even higher for their guests on-property.  With innRoad’s Property Management System (PMS) you have all the tools needed to execute tasks easily, efficiently and accurately.  innRoad’s PMS allows you to manage the daily responsibilities that are critical for delivering a high-quality guest experience all in one place, such as guest check-in/-out, tracking requests, managing inventory, processing billing, coordinating housekeeping and more.

With innRoad, you have the power to simplify and accelerate the execution of your independent hotel operations.  With less stress and more free time, you can ensure your guests receive the attention they deserve to make their experience at your independent hotel memorable. Click here to speak with an innRoad property advisor today!