4 Reasons to List Your Independent Property on OTAs

With summer 2/3rds of the way done independent hoteliers might be starting to look ahead towards Fall and Winter. If Summer is usually the busiest time for bookings, Fall and Winter tend to be the time when reservations slow down, sometimes waaay down.

If you are nervous about your bookings in the months to come, innRoad is here to help you open a new marketing channel, Online Travel Agents. OTAs, commonly known as OTAs, are online companies whose websites allow consumers to book various travel related service directly on their site. They are 3rd party agents who are reselling your open hotel rooms to a wider, but more direct audience.  This month, we’ll be sharing guides, stats, and suggestions on how to create and optimize your profile on OTAs.

To start off the month, we’ve created an innRoad guide on “4 Reasons Why You Should List Your Independent Hotel on OTAs.” In this guide, we go into detail on exactly how being listed on OTAs will benefit your property. Of course, we know that some independent hoteliers have fears or pain associated with being listed on OTAs from past experiences or hearsay.  No worries about that. We also explain how innRoad’s all-in-one property management system helps ensure that your profile and connection are secure. Download your free copy of our guide on “4 Reasons Why You Should List Your Independent Hotel on OTAs,” today and start seeing your bookings for Fall roll in!

Make sure to check back next week for another guide helping independent hoteliers better understand and utilize OTAs to improve their property!