Things to consider when setting up your OTA profiles

Your online travel agency (OTA) profiles will be the first time many travelers are introduced to your hotel.  Every click has the potential to deliver a new or returning guest, so the importance of your OTA profiles cannot be understated or undersold.  Whether your hotel is newly listed or you’re overdue for a refresh, here are a few things to consider when setting up your OTA profiles:

Speak directly to your guests

Every hotel attracts different types of guests, such as business travelers, families, budget-conscious travelers, etc., so when setting up your OTA profiles, it’s important to understand who typically stays at your property so you can speak directly to them.  For example, if your hotel is a family-friendly resort, emphasizing amenities and activities that interest parents, such as adjoining rooms, swimming pool, and family-style dining options, will enhance your chances at attracting guests who will best appreciate what your hotel has to offer.

Use images that tell a story

Competition on OTAs is tough, so your profiles must grab travelers’ attention quickly.  The best way to do this is with eye-catching photos.  The photos on your OTA profiles should tell a story about the guest experience.  High-quality photos of your front lobby, guest rooms and public spaces, as well as surrounding areas, should make travelers want to book their stay at your hotel–not click away.  Consider investing in professional, high-quality photos to showcase on your OTA profiles.  The attention and bookings they draw from travelers can quickly deliver a great return on your investment.

Be unique

What sets your hotel apart from the rest: freshly renovated rooms, new food and beverage menus, partnerships with local businesses?  Whatever special touches your hotel provides to make the guest experience more enjoyable should be showcased on your OTA profiles.  You may only have one opportunity to capture a traveler’s booking, so make sure that you’re communicating every unique aspect of your hotel that will give you a leg up on your competition.

Consistently manage your profiles

After establishing your OTA profiles, you must consistently manage them to maintain their value.  Whether it’s you or a trusted team member, someone must take responsibility for responding daily to online reviews, making monthly and seasonal updates and ensuing general profile maintenance.  To ensure these tasks don’t get ignored, add reminders to your personal and hotel operations calendars.  Maintaining updated and accurate OTA profiles are critical for building long-term guest loyalty and maximizing the full value of your OTA partnerships.