How to prepare your guests for their shoulder season experience

Shoulder season is an ideal getaway time for lots of travelers.  In many destinations, the weather is comfortable, crowds are smaller and prices are more affordable. For independent hotels, shoulder season is a great opportunity to continue capturing bookings at a healthy rate while gradually unwinding from a busy summer and ramping up for the holiday/winter travel season.  To ensure your guests enjoy a great shoulder season experience, try incorporating these helpful tips into your independent hotel operations:

“Know before you go” checklist

Travel can be stressful for your guests.  Deciding what to pack, navigating airports and highways and managing unexpected situations can frazzle the most experienced travelers.  As a hotelier with local expertise, you can provide your guests with information that will help make their travel experience as stress-less as possible.  Using your email and social media channels, here are some helpful tips to share with your arriving guests:

  • Hotel information: Prominently display your hotel’s contact information so guests can easily contact you and your team 24/7/365 with any questions.


  • Weather: Inform your guests of local weather patterns so they can pack the right clothes and plan daily activities accordingly.


  • Airport tips: Share tips to help travelers get in and out of the airport quickly, such as less used exits and where to catch a taxi or public transportation to your hotel.


  • Road conditions: Inform travelers of construction or poorly marked roads that may impact their arrival.

Seasonal itineraries

Exploring your local community will create memories that keep your loyal guests returning and encourage new travelers to plan a visit.  You can help your guests have a great travel experience by providing them with seasonally curated itineraries.  Here are a few fun ideas:

  • The Weekender: Plan a variety of activities that your guests can enjoy over a 2 or 3-day weekend, such as visiting landmarks, experiencing local cuisine and attending neighborhood events.


  • Local Flavors: Map out local eateries where your guests can sample delicious food and drinks during each part of their day.


  • Art Stroll: Send your guests into your community with directions to local art galleries and museums so they can get a taste of the local art scene.


  • Picnic in the Park: For guests who want to spend time outdoors, point them in the direction of great takeout restaurants and local parks where they can enjoy a fall picnic.

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