Your Shoulder Season Check-List is Here!

We know independent hoteliers usually have hundreds of balls in the air when it comes to improvements and updates for their independent property. We hear from independent hoteliers every day about the projects they are excited to work on, but often hear that they aren’t sure which ones should take priority or even first steps on others. It also doesn’t help that those balls seem to multiply for independent hoteliers during shoulder season when you have a little more time to consider what needs to get done. But, just because there’s additional time to complete projects, doesn’t mean it gets any easier. If you are struggling to decide what needs to get fixed or having trouble choosing which projects should take precedent this shoulder Season, you need innRoad’s new Check-List for Shoulder Season!

innRoad is here to help independent hoteliers get the most from shoulder season by helping them stay on top of all their projects and goals. That’s why we’ve created a to-do check-list to help you keep all your projects straight! In our check-list, we cover to-dos for your online presence, property management, and staff. Download your free copy of our guide today, and start checking items off your to-do list!

If you are interested in learning how you can save time, save money, and increase occupancy at your independent property, click here to reach out to an innRoad Property Advisor. We’ll discuss if innRoad is the right PMS for your independent property, and how we can get you set up with our system in time to take reservations for the holiday season!