Here’s why you should connect your independent hotel to OTAs

Making a case for listing your independent hotel on online travel agencies (OTAs) requires you to evaluate various factors, such as upfront and ongoing costs, time needed for training and daily management and, ultimately, return on investment in terms of bookings and revenue.  While it’s critical to understand the hard facts and figures behind OTAs, it’s also important to consider the wide-ranging benefits that OTAs provide independent hotels.  Here are a few to consider:

Your hotel will be easier to find online

Simply put, travelers will find your independent hotel online easier with OTA connections.  Not only will your hotel show up in searches on OTAs, your OTA listings will also populate in search engine results.  For many travelers, selecting a hotel is a process of elimination where properties are included and excluded from consideration until a hotel that best meets their needs is found.  With OTA connections, independent hotels provide themselves with more opportunities to be taken into final booking consideration by travelers.

OTAs enhance your digital marketing strategy

OTAs provide you with more digital tools to enhance your digital marketing strategy.  With a collection of direct and 3rd party booking channels, as well as mobile-optimized booking sites, independents can take a more dynamic approach to online marketing:

  • Segment special offers by booking channel, direct vs. OTA, to target specific traveler groups.
  • Leverage OTA inventory controls to drive traffic to direct booking channels.
  • Provide mobile-only offers to incentivize travelers to book via their phones.

With OTAs, you have more tools at your disposal to create a winning digital marketing strategy for your independent hotel.

More opportunities for growth

As an independent hotelier, you know that achieving year-over-year growth is vital to sustaining the long-term health of your business.  With OTA connectivity, a lot of the heavy lifting needed to grow is taken off of your shoulders and shared with partners who are invested in your success.  OTAs help deliver the bookings and revenue independents need for growth, so as they continue to find new ways to attract business from travelers, connected independent hotels are in great position to leverage OTAs efforts to propel their long-term growth.


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