What Travelers Want from Your Hotel Website

Today, a guest’s journey begins long before guests walk into independent hotel lobbies and check-in for their stay. For many travelers, their lodging experience begins online, specifically, on hotel websites. This is where they’re introduced to the property, gain an understanding of the hotel’s level of service, and develop expectations for their upcoming stay. Well-designing hotel websites provide travelers with all the information and functionality needed to make them feel confident in their lodging selection.

As an independent hotel operator, your website is your most important marketing and sales tool. Travelers rely on hotel websites for property details, such as guest rooms, amenities, and services as well as other helpful tips. At first glance, travelers can instantly tell which hotels invest in their website, as well as which hotels seemingly forget about theirs. In today’s competitive market, independent hoteliers cannot allow their website to be the reason why travelers book elsewhere.

innRoad is here to help you set up and effective website that converts visitors to guests by providing travelers with the information that they want to see. In our latest Guide, “Website Essentials for Independent Hotels,” we’ll go through step by step of what makes a hotel’s website successful. Inside, independent hoteliers can find key tips and tools for enhancing their websites so they can provide travelers with a better online experience and help keep bookings from going to their competitors. Download your free copy of “Website Essentials for Independent Hotels,” today!