Why your booking engine is key to your independent hotel success

A hotel website booking engine is a game changer for independent hotels.  It instantly transforms hotel websites from simple information portals into powerful, revenue generating booking channels.  With a website booking engine, independent hotels position themselves to enhance daily operations and empower their guests.  Here are some of the benefits independents can expect from their booking engine:

Saves you time

Multitasking is a requirement of every independent hotel operator.  It keeps you dialed-in to your operations, but, unfortunately, also limits the scope of what you can accomplish in a day.  The best way to get more done is eliminating items from your To Do List – a task that’s possible with a dynamic hotel booking engine.  Here’s how a hotel booking engine can save you valuable time:

  • Limits phone call booking inquiries: Providing online access allows travelers to check your hotel’s availability and easily book online without having to call the front desk.
  • Eliminates manual inventory management: With fully integrated hotel management software, when travelers book reservations online, rooms are automatically pulled from inventory and availability is instantly updated without manual adjustments at the front desk.

Saves you money

Utilizing a multi-channel booking strategy is important for keeping reservations and revenue flowing into your hotel, but bookings captured via online travel agencies (OTAs) come at a cost.  With a dynamic booking engine embedded within your hotel website, you have the ability to capture direct, commission-free reservations and keep more dollars in-house to power your operations.

Puts your guests in control

Providing an online booking engine allows your soon-to-be guests to efficiently research availability, room types and nightly rates and then confirm their booking on their own schedule.  Having to call the front desk of various hotels requires extra time that many travelers simply do not have available.  With the ability to quickly research online with just a few clicks, travelers can make quick decisions and solidify their travel plans fast and efficiently.

Learn how a hotel booking engine can enhance your independent hotel operations by speaking with an innRoad property advisor today.