Tips for marketing your independent hotel during the holiday and winter travel season

This holiday and winter travel season will provide independent hotels with great opportunities to close out 2017 and then kickoff 2018 with increased bookings and revenue.  To ensure travelers take notice of your hotel, here are a few tips to help you enhance your holiday and winter travel season marketing strategy:

Update guest-facing messaging

Where appropriate, guest-facing messaging should be updated with seasonal messaging to highlight holiday and winter travel.  All guest touch points, including team member phone greetings, front desk collateral, hotel websites, OTA profiles and social media channels, should contain some reference to the holiday and/or winter travel season.  Whether it’s highlighting local winter activities for guests to enjoy or a simple holiday greeting, updating your messaging can set your hotel apart from competitors and provide seasonal cheer for your guests.

Update online photos

Updating website and social media photos to showcase your on-property winter experience is an overlooked sales tactic for independent hotels.  Travelers always want to know what to expect upon arrival, but many hotels only provide “evergreen” photos that stay the same year-round.  Showcasing seasonal photography adds a relevant and personal touch that helps travelers better envision themselves on-property, which can encourage them to book their next stay.

Offer seasonal special packages

With many travelers planning to visit family and friends, as well as taking unused vacation time, the holiday and winter travel season is ripe for increased bookings and revenue – that’s if you provide compelling reasons for them to stay at your hotel.

Offering holiday and winter-specific special packages can help independent hotels entice more travelers to click “Book Now.”  Pairing room nights with outdoor activities, such as ice skating, skiing and snow tubing, holiday concerts and performances or a great bottle of wine can provide travelers with the incentive needed to book with your hotel instead of a competitor.  The more unique and compelling your offers, the more opportunities you give yourself to welcome holiday and winter travelers.

Learn more about how to prepare your independent hotel for a great holiday and winter travel season by speaking with an innRoad property advisor today.