Why innRoad is the right software for your independent property

With the year winding down and holiday travel in full swing, keeping your guests happy, team members organized and hotel operations running smoothly can be a tricky management task.  We’ve worked with hundreds of independent hoteliers who’ve previously faced these same challenges before they began utilizing our fully integrated hotel management software.  Here are some of the advantages they gained from switching to innRoad:
Saving time

Saving time is a common struggle for hoteliers.  And during the holidays, operators feel even more stress to better manage their workload so they can enjoy time with family and friends.  With innRoad’s Hotel PMS powering daily operations, you can reduce the time needed to execute routine, but critical tasks, such as check-in/out, inventory management and billing.  innRoad streamlines these processes by automating manual tasks and providing you with one, seamless operating system that eliminates the need to utilize multiple systems and, ultimately, makes hotel management easier and faster.

Getting ahead

With the focus required to provide your guests with memorable holiday travel season experiences, it’s easy to fall behind in planning for the upcoming summer busy season.  The unfortunate downside of falling behind is the rising risk of diminished future bookings and cash flow.  innRoad’s Booking Engine and Channel Management System are the tools you need to get a fast start on securing your future success.  With the ability to preview availability and book favorable rates for upcoming travel via your website booking engine and online travel agencies (OTAs), savvy travelers are able to plan ahead for themselves and provide the upfront revenue and reservations your hotel needs to ensure a successful summer travel season.

A dedicated partner

When independents subscribe to utilize our fully integrated hotel management software, they also receive a partner who is equally vested in their long-term success.  innRoad specializes in helping independent hotels navigate their way to improving daily operations, increasing reservations, strengthening revenue streams and capturing greater profits.  For as long as you utilize innRoad, you can count on us to be with you every step of the way.  Learn more about our hotel management software and industry-powering partnerships by contacting one of our experts today.