When’s the last time you looked at your properties website?

Your independent property website is one of your most important revenue-generating marketing tools.  It serves as an online billboard for travelers and funnels valuable direct bookings and revenue to your property.  However, a common mistake many independent hoteliers and innkeepers make is not taking the time to regularly review and update their website throughout the year.  To avoid losing out on much-needed profits, here are tips to help keep your website looking great.

Mark your calendar

The first step toward keeping your website updated is remembering to check it regularly.  The easiest solution for this is scheduling time on your calendar, the same as you would for an important meeting or appointment.  In many cases, website reviews can be completed quarterly.  However, if your site is heavily trafficked, includes frequently updated sections and/or various external links, monthly inspections will likely serve you better.  The goal is to give yourself plenty of uninterrupted time to complete thorough reviews.

Check your spelling

In the grand scheme of independent hotel operations, website misspellings and grammar errors are minor.  However, for potential guests, they can make a property appear slightly unprofessional and careless.  In a business where details matter, small mistakes on your website send the wrong message to discerning travelers, so it’s critical to always double check the spelling and grammar agreement of your content.  By asking a trusted team member to review the content, copying and pasting it into Microsoft Word or Google Docs and running spell check or using the online service Grammarly, you can make sure your website content is polished and error-free.

Keep clicking

Most independent property websites have lots of internal and external links, which unfortunately create lots of opportunities for errors, like broken links and images that fail to load.  During your website review, be sure to check every link and image on your website.  Creating a website map that lists every link on your site is a great tool to help you track the various sections of your site.  While time consuming, checking all of your links is critical for keeping your website looking good, operating effectively and continuing to deliver valuable bookings and revenue to your hotel.

If you’d like to learn more about unlocking value from your independent hotel website, contact one of our innRoad hotel experts today.