Three moments that can make or break the guest experience

Managing the guest experience is one of the more challenging, yet rewarding, responsibilities of independent hoteliers.  With each guest who walks on-property comes a varying range of needs that must be met to ensure they experience a great stay.  However, of the dozens of daily guest interactions, there are three important moments that are critical to the hotelier-guest relationship and experience:


As you know well, check-in is the most important moment of the guest experience.  For new guests, it’s their first in-person interaction with the hotel, so the quality of the process sets the tone for their entire stay.

In most cases, check-in is fast and seamless.  However, issues like overbooking, credit card denials or miscommunication can negatively impact the check-in process.

While it’s difficult to predict when issues will occur, relying on your experience will help you navigate and solve problems quickly when they do arise.  Your goal should always be to solve issues fast, but thoroughly, so you can complete the check-in process and keep your guests happy.

Guest requests

In most cases, guest requests are for small items or simple needs that will help their stay go a little smoother. When requests are within reason, the goal should always be to meet your guests’ needs quickly.  This is where having an established process for handling requests can pay major dividends.

To ensure requests are handled properly, establish a system for tracking tasks, assigning them to team members and following up to ensure they were completed.  This system provides great checks and balances to ensure mistakes aren’t made and your guests’ needs are always met.

Casual encounters

As you and your team members work around your hotel, you’ll casually encounter guests in the lobby, hallways, parking lot, etc.  It’s in these moments that a quick ‘Hello,’ smile or wave can help strengthen relationships with your guests.  After checking-in, it’s likely you will not speak to some of your guests until they’re departing, so by making the most of every interaction, you can better ensure that your guests are happy and having the best experience possible.

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