How independent hotels succeed with innRoad

Managing an independent hotel is one of the more challenging, yet rewarding, jobs in the hospitality industry.  Every day, hoteliers make countless important decisions to ensure their guests enjoy their stay, team members remain productive and operations run smoothly.

With innRoad’s fully integrated hotel management software, independent hoteliers have the tool needed to enhance efficiency and make their decision making more effective.  Here’s how innRoad helps independent hotels succeed:

innRoad provides hoteliers with an easy-to-navigate software solution that makes hotel management easier by streamlining and simplifying the execution of their most important operational needs.

  • Our Property Management System transforms the independent hotel front desk into a central command center. Essential functions, such as check-in/out, room assignment, special request fulfillment, task management and billing, are all managed within one, fully integrated system that saves operators valuable time, eliminates confusion, reduces mistakes and provides the hands-on control needed for successful operational execution.
  • innRoad’s Booking Engine delivers the direct, commission-free bookings independent hotels need to survive in today’s hyper-competitive lodging industry. Integrated into existing hotel websites, our Booking Engine provides hoteliers with a valuable online revenue delivery channel that travelers find helpful and easy to use.
  • Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) provide the muscle independent hotels need to fill rooms on a nightly basis. With innRoad’s Channel Management Services, independents can directly connect to hundreds of leading OTAs and achieve the online visibility needed to attract bookings from curious travelers from around the world.

innRoad has helped hundreds of independent hotels unlock tremendous value and achieve new heights by streamlining and simplifying their daily operations.  Find out how our fully integrated hotel management software can help your property by contacting one of our hotel technology experts today.