Obstacles or opportunities? Ideas that may be worth the effort for your independent hotel

We all know that some opportunities are likely to create more issues than they’re worth, so the smart decision is to simply let them pass.  However, sometimes taking a longer, harder look at what appears to be an obstacle can uncover a great, unforeseen opportunity.  Learning to navigate certain obstacles can create opportunities that unlock tremendous value for independent properties, so here are a few ideas that may be worth the effort.

Food and Beverage

Efficiently managing food and beverage (F&B) operations can be difficult for hotels.  Variable components, such as staffing, training, food cost and quality and service culture, require a level of attention and detail that, if not managed well, can erode value faster than create it.  However, even with the built-in challenges, well-executed F&B operations can add bottom-line profit and measurably enhance the guest experience.

A creative way hotels are achieving F&B success is leveraging the “grab n’ go” service model.  More convenience store-like than restaurant, “grab n’ go” operations utilize less physical space, reduce the need for labor and perishable products, and allow guests to have more influence over their purchasing decisions.

The “grab n’ go” service model can deliver great value to independent hotels.  For those that are looking to simplify or supplement their current F&B offering as well as properties looking to create a new revenue stream, establishing “grab n’ go” dining can be an opportunity that’s worth the effort.


Technology has positively impacted how many of us function throughout the day.  However, the same cannot be said across the board for independent properties.  For some properties, manual hotel management practices are still a way of daily life.  Although inefficient and time consuming, some independents have yet to make the jump toward streamlining and simplifying their daily operations.

Transitioning from manual to automated hotel operational processes can be bit of a shock to the system for hotels, but the long-term benefits almost always outweigh the short-term learning curve.  At innRoad, we’ve coached hundreds of independent hotels through the process of embracing our fully integrated hotel management software.  Our team of experts help operators learn how to maximize our software’s capabilities to better manage their property, increase bookings, capture stronger revenue and much more.  With innRoad’s powerful hotel technology at their fingertips, independent hoteliers can eliminate existing obstacles and create new and exciting opportunities for their property, team members and guests.

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