Is your hotel benefiting from shoulder season?

For many travelers, the fall shoulder season – the time period between the end of summer and start of the holiday season – is prime travel time.  The weather is pleasant, crowds are thinner and prices are usually more consumer friendly.   Lots of independent hotels view the fall shoulder season as an extension of the summer busy season that allows them to continue benefiting from strong traveler demand.  To help your hotel maximize fall shoulder season opportunities, here are a few insights.

Understand your guests

Consumers who travel during shoulder season generally fit a profile different from those who vacation during the summer.  With school back in session, you’ll likely encounter more adult travelers who have the time and flexibility to enjoy off-peak travel, so their interests and needs will differ from families with children.  Keeping this in mind will help with adjusting hotel operations to welcome shoulder season travelers.

Adjust for demand

With the shift in traveler type, hotels are likely to experience a different level of demand for bookings.  A big reason why travelers opt for shoulder season travel is because prices for airfare, hotels and attractions are generally lower and availability is more abundant.  Independents that are looking to remain competitive during this period may need to adjust their base pricing to attract travelers, but opportunities to capture revenue still exist with special offers.

Create special offers

Hotels can help travelers maximize their shoulder season experience by making special offers available for purchase.  For example, hotels can negotiate deals with local restaurants, attractions and special events for gift cards and tickets and then offer these items as add-ons with room bookings.  As more travelers seek to explore and experience the local community surrounding their hotel, special offers can provide them with an easy-to-enjoy solution as well as supply hotels with extra revenue.

In addition to the benefits shoulder season offers travelers, hotels can use this season to prepare for the upcoming holiday travel season and the New Year.  If you’d like to lean how innRoad can help your independent hotel improve in the months ahead, contact one of our independent hotel experts today.