A fresh look at the guest check-in process for independent hotels

Although guest check-in is one of the more routine tasks independent hoteliers handle on a daily basis, the process is essential to the success of the guest experience.  To ensure independent hotels are maximizing this key guest touch point, hoteliers should always look for simple ways to enhance and improve the process.  Here are a few ideas to consider when evaluating the guest check-in process:
Welcoming hotel exterior

Before guests reach the front desk, their first impression of your property is made just outside the front door in the parking lot or along the sidewalk.  The condition of the hotel’s exterior, sidewalk and parking lot, including its cleanliness, lighting and security features, can help reassure or call into question whether or not guests made the right lodging decision.

Independent hotels can eliminate any pre-check-in guest doubt by paying closer attention to the maintenance of their hotel’s exterior and surrounding area.  Ensuring the areas around the hotel are clean, clear of debris and well illuminated can help guests feel welcome before you’ve even had a chance to say hello.

Effective in-lobby marketing

Your guests’ walk from the front door to the front desk may be short, but it’s still a prime opportunity to communicate ongoing promotions, upgrade opportunities and/or in-hotel dining with in-lobby marketing collateral.  While your hotel’s décor will dictate the type of marketing materials used, such as pop-up banners, framed signage, table tents, postcards and/or elevator/wall decals, showcasing what your property has to offer as guests prepare to check-in can help generate awareness and drive incremental revenue.

Helpful front desk team members

Hopefully by the time your guests reach the front desk, they’ve learned a little more about your hotel and feel confident in their lodging decision.  As they’re being checked in, front desk team members should follow up to ask if they have any questions about promotions, paid upgrades and/or in-hotel dining advertised on the in-lobby marketing materials.  This direct, but soft sell approach can help sway guests who may be indecisive or simply need a slight push to make a purchase.

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