Back to the Basics: 3 essentials for a quality independent hotel stay

Back to the Basics: 3 essentials for a quality independent hotel stay

Competition within today’s hotel industry is challenging to say the least. Major brands are consolidating, popular home sharing platforms are surging and technology is disrupting every phase of hotel operations and the guest experience. For some independents, it can feel like a battle of the ‘haves and have-nots.’

While incorporating the latest hospitality trends into hotel operations can help attract new guests and keep returning guests engaged, their importance pales in comparison to consistently providing guests the must-have essentials they need for a quality stay. Here are three essentials that guests expect and independent hotels must get right every time:

Easy online booking

Before you can officially refer to travelers as guests, they must first sort through dozens of properties online until they’ve identified a small handful that they’re interested in booking. It’s at this point where independent hotels are either positioned to capture their valuable bookings or are quickly taken out of consideration.

Easy online booking is essential for independent hotels that want to keep a steady stream of guests walking through their front doors. Travelers want the ability to quickly check availability and book their desired bed and room types with a few clicks on their computer or taps on their smartphone. The easier hoteliers make booking room nights; the faster rooms can fill with revenue-driving bookings.

Clean, comfortable guestroom

Providing guests with a clean, comfortable guestroom is the most obvious of these essentials, but unfortunately, complaints about guestroom conditions still appear in online reviews. Quickly turning over guestrooms is a daily challenge, but still very manageable by focused housekeeping teams. Like all other tasks, mistakes happen, but the goal is to keep disruption to the guest experience at an absolute minimum. Hoteliers can guard against mistakes by ensuring housekeeping protocols are reviewed regularly. Additionally, to keep team members motivated and engaged, hoteliers should consistently remind them that their contributions are critical to the collective success of the entire property.

Free, wireless high-speed internet access

Almost all independents will agree that free, wireless high-speed internet access has quickly risen up the list of absolutely essential amenities for guests. Travelers are connected 24/7 and they expect their hotel to provide the same level of connectivity they’re used to at home while on the road.  Investing in a strong, secure high-speed wireless network is a must for any independent hotel looking to be competitive in the marketplace. While the upfront costs may be hefty, keeping travelers seamlessly connected will payback strong dividends over the long-term.

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